Party like it’s party time!

Okay, my Subject is lame. I don’t really care.

Tonight was the staff Holiday party for work. It was pretty fun – I had Adam bring my guitar and he played for me while I sang Light up My Room, which was lyrically well-received by the environmental crowd. Hey, it’s a pretty funny song if you listen to it. Someone said do one more, and since I hadn’t actually practised anything, I just did the first thing that popped into my head – Hasn’t Hit Me Yet, naturally. It’s easy and I can play it in my sleep, and I thought Break Your Heart might be too depressing, even if it is my favourite thing to sing. The performance seemed well-received by my co-workers, some of whom (okay, most of whom) didn’t actually know that I sing. I love surprising people with that sort of thing.

I also took some photos for one of the programs – we had some NHL guests at the office just before we ran off to the Christmas party, and I was asked to take photos of the event. That was fun. It’s rather nice to be working somewhere that is willing to take advantage of my offer to actually do this sort of thing – makes me think they recognize that I’m relatively good at it. That always annoyed me a bit about the last place I worked – they had ideas and things they wanted to do and they would talk about having me do things, but nothing actually ever happened or got done. Frustrating. And it wasn’t something that I was in any place to push forward.

Anyhow. I am multi-talented JennyLee Extraordinaire.

And I’m up at 1:15 am the night before I fly to Toronto. Gack. I should be sleepy. I hope I don’t forget to pack anything. I hope the wind doesn’t delay any flights tomorrow. I hope the cats survive our being away for so long – I feel guilty when we have to leave them, it stresses them out and their fur gets all ratty. Poor guys.

I’ll be bringing Saturn (the laptop) with me, so I’ll be online of course, whenever I can be, and in contact as required. I’m really looking forward to this trip. And to sleep. Good night.

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  • ashkitty

    December 14, 2006 at 9:33 am

    Have a good flight!