Eastern Timezones R Us

So here we are in Toronto. It is warm and there is no snow. We flew out of Vancouver on cusp of the biggest windstorm they’ve had yet. Four trees fell down in my mother’s yard, landing on the carport (which stopped it from hitting the car,) on the power lines that run from the street to the house, and all over the front yard. Fortunately it missed her house and stopped before hitting the car. Apparently she was up watching the wind when the tree fell on the carport. They’ve spent the day clearing out the yard.

Our flight out was turbulent for the first half hour or so – sliding sideways and bouncing us around madly. It was a bit unnerving but exciting at the same time. I guess I get a weird kick of out scary situations or something.

We arrived on time in Toronto, and it upon deplaning we noticed immediately that it was a lot warmer in Toronto than it was in Vancouver when we had left four hours earlier. Emma picked us up, and we slept at her place last night. We got up early in the morning today (before 7am EST I think) which was 4am our time, and got a lift with Mike to Adam’s grandmother’s house. Breakfast was acquired, then we lurked around the condo, full of the realization that we were up at 4am and our bodies were not impressed. We attempted sleep and failed, then had some lunch and walked across the street to get groceries. Came back to the condo, decided we were in no shape to go out tonight and decided to stay in.

The jet lag is hitting pretty hard today, we’ve both been total wrecks with no energy. It was good to stay in. Now we’re watching Harvey Birdman on Teletoon, since we don’t have cable at home and this is very exciting. And I’m leeching wireless. Shhh don’t tell.

Tomorrow we’re going to see the other grandmother, then meeting Rory and Vachel downtown and having adventures. Later there will be the gathering of sorts at the Renaissance Cafe. I apologize for my inability to be coherent, but my body says go to bed already. I will listen and obey. And also watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast because it is joyful.