We’ve been in New Liskeard for a day now, and today was painfully boring. I couldn’t even come up with something to do to pass the time. Hopefully this will change, people will show up and we’ll be able to go out and do stuff with them (get coffee at the very least.) Anything. Sitting in the house watching the crap on the television just depresses me. Adam likes to watch movies, so he’s got that at least, since his dad has a whole lot of movies and a 61″ tv. I just don’t want to sit still for that long. So far there’s not much else to do though – well I could play video games on the giant tv, but I really don’t like doing that with an audience. Plus I didn’t bring my game with me, and Drakengard is all I feel like playing at the moment anyhow.

I might play some sims 2 on my computer in a while. That can pass the time like nothing else. I’m very happy to have my computer and an internet connection. Very happy indeed.

Adam and Vachel are playing Soul Calibur III on the giant tv while we wait for dinner.

Also, I’ve had a headache for the past few hours. Stupid head.

My mom sent me photos of the trees that came down surrounding her house. Frightning.

Maybe tomorrow if we end up sitting around the house again I’ll sort through things in the bedroom. We still have stuff stored here that I really want sent back home out west because I miss it. I could also start burning some of the cds we have stored here.

It is very good to see family, though, even if I do have a case of the blahs.