Day 365 of Photo a Day

Today is the final day of my Photo a Day project, and here I sit on the couch wrapped up in a sleeping bag with Dayle purring happily on my lap, fighting off the beginnings of what might be a nasty cold. I feel cruddy.

However, I still need to take a photo before midnight, and then this project will be done, and December will begin.

The world is moving on.

There is a 17 lb weight holding me down. It is called Dayle.

I may be catching something, but hopefully I’m not.

Not much appetite right now, although I did eat some dinner. My head is very muddy, however, and I may just nap on the couch from now until bedtime. Actually, I might ask Adam to make me some tea. Tea would be nice. It is storming and nasty again outside, I can hear the snow beating against the windows and the wind whooshing through the alley between buildings.

Dayle, the mighty snowflake hunter!

Dayle has been sitting on his platform by the window, staring out at the snow, making intermittent squeaky-meowing sounds. I think he wants to catch each and every snowflake that’s falling in front of his eyes. He seems mesmerized.

It’s still snowing. I have a feeling the roads are dangerous right now – this city’s not as well prepared for snowfall as one that actually gets a lot of snow every winter. Vancouver drivers mostly don’t know how to drive in snow, either. There will be no going out today, except for places we can walk to. We were supposed to go for breakfast at a friend’s place this morning… I think that’s being called off because of the weather. Unfortunate, that.


Today was filled with errands, followed by a trip to Pitt Meadows (picking up Jinni along the way) where we baked large batches of three kinds of cookies – Macaroons, Meringues, and Sugar Cookies. All of said cookies turned out fantastic, and it was great fun baking with Jinni. After a dinner (mostly comprised of cookies, with some chicken meatballs on the side,) we watched a mountain biking DVD then ran out into the snow!! where we proceeded to have a snowball fight.

Shortly thereafter we drove home in the blizzardy conditions, where we now sit all warm and cozy.

All in all, a great day.


There is direct sunlight streaming through the windows here at work, on what is my final Five-day week. Next week I’ll scale back to four days, which will be nice – the days are somewhat longer than I’m used to (an extra hour, and a shortened lunch) so working five in a row has begun to wear me out a bit. The added commute time of an hour each way has contributed to that as well.

Every morning I walk past the Capers (an organic grocery store/cafe/deli) between where the bus drops me off and the door to my office. I didn’t notice this until one of my co-workers pointed it out, but every morning there is a man who sits inside that Capers eating his breakfast cereal – often oatmeal or something akin to it. His expensive tie is flung over his right shoulder to keep it from ending up in his cereal. Now that I know he’s there, I notice him every morning, sitting with his tie over his shoulder eating cereal.

This seems to be one of those neighbourhoods that lends itself to such images and scenes. It’s rather nice.