What’s this? It’s still Dark out!!

Ergh. I’m up early.

Today is my first day at the new job. I’m very excited when I’m not trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do with myself at an hour when it’s still dark outside. I should really still be sleeping!

Last year when we moved into this apartment there was a leak in the bathroom ceiling. It took them about four months of re-tarring the roof and other random attempts to find the leak and fix it, but eventually they did and we were very happy. I’m now sad to report that, now that the rains of autumn have begun once more, our bathroom ceiling is once again leaking. Ick.

As it is early in the morning and I’m a grumpy morning person on the best of days, I can tell you that I’m neither amused nor impressed. I think it’s being somewhat balanced by the fact that this is my first day on a new job, so I’m pretty focussed on that.

I get to take the seabus to work again now! Yay!