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So maybe it’s your best friend or the next stranger you see. Maybe it’s your neighbor, maybe it’s you, maybe it’s me who needs to hear encouragement to make it through the day, who needs to hear whatever kind words you might have to say. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or where you have been, ’cause right now is the perfect moment for us to begin to appreciate each other in new and different ways. ~ Christine Lavin

1. Look at your friends list.
2. Set your friends list to view journals only.
3. Note five people who updated last.
4. Say something nice about those five people.
5. Those five people are tagged and need to pass it on!

(I find it interesting how the last five people who updated are oldschool and connected in some strange way – All of them were either on Ihaveasecret or in JwG or both, I’ve met them all, and they all live in the USA.)

Triggerhappy – I had a blast back when we met and you slept on my floor – you were really a lot of fun to hang around with, wish we’d had more time to just do random stuff.

Grindbastard – Good old gamer-friends… okay so we don’t play Counterstrike anymore, and JediWithGuns is long dead, but we had some good times, you have my old guitar now, and I still really enjoy the night-time chats on IRC a bout random subjects from the frivolous to the political and serious.

Oki_V2 – And another JwG buddy, although you joined us on a canoe trip in Temagami, and thus were the legends of the Camp Ninja born. It’s hard to find a more noble friend who would do anything for you given the chance. It’s too bad you live so far away now. And so do we.

Spanky – Always keeping things interesting and providing a different perspective on life… It’s been fun watching you grow.

LaFemmeZilla – Sometimes I swear you should’ve been my sister or something. You’re just crazy enough to be part of my family. 😀 (Yes, that’s a good thing, honest.)