Since when did halloween equal fireworks?

It has been nonstop fireworks outside since I got home. I don’t remember fireworks being a part of halloween at all when I was younger – I can’t tell if it’s a new association, if it’s an ‘outside of ontario’ thing, or if I was just clueless when I was younger. Either way, Dayle has been staring out the window for an hour or so at least.

Headache again tonight. I’m attempting to keep track of these things so I can report to my doctor or something. This one started sometime after dinner and is lurking around my temples and behind my eyes.

I’m grumpy today and can’t define the reason for it. I’ve also been feeling overwhelmingly inadequate the past two days or so. Might just go lie down in bed and feel sorry for myself or somesuch nonsense. Rest the eyes and the soul. I had bad dreams last night that ended in my death, generally car accident related.

Just heard a firework set off a car alarm. Dayle seems to be tuning them out for now but I’m not convinced he’ll stay that way…

Oh yeah I have to remember to watch the Hour on Thursday. I like george, and thursday there will be some climate change stuff that I should probably familiarize myself with enough to deal with the next day at work should there be calls. This has to be the most dynamic and interesting reception/admin position I’ve had to date… it really does make a difference when you care about the place you’re working for.

Ever since my 30th birthday things have been particularly good. Other than lurking headaches and occasional hormonal grumpiness, I’m pretty happy with life. It’s a nice place to be.

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  • laquira

    November 1, 2006 at 2:26 pm

    Odd with the fireworks.. MUST be a non-Ontario thing, since as far as I know there were none around me yesterday.

    And.. Glad you’re enjoying the job! It definitely DOES make a difference when it’s interesting. 🙂