Chris, Adam, Sean and I went out riding on Burke Mountain in Port Coquitlam this afternoon. It was good, we haven’t actually been back out to Burke since we took Chris out for his first mountain biking ride back in May. It was a lot less wet, and I was a lot more comfortable this time than last time. I guess all the riding (or attempting to ride and mostly walking with bike) the North Shore trails has made something like Flywheel on Burke feel pretty easy. It’s a trail with really good flow, and I really managed to find a happy place with my riding. It was good

Yesterday I spent half the day shopping with Jinni along Robson. I spent my gift card for Plum and bought some nice new clothes. The pants are awesome but they need hemming – I wish I knew why women’s fashion stores think that I should be four inches taller than I am. I can never buy pants that fit properly. The shirts are nice too, especially the turquoise/aqua/ocean one. For dinner we ended up getting Hot Pot in Richmond. We had considered seeing a movie but it was too late by the time we were done

So now we’re home after riding, and a bit tired, and I might play some Drakengard whle Adam makes houses in the Sims 2. I want the pets expansion. I should just get it already, EB keeps sending me coupons to save 15$ on it, but I still don’t know if that makes it worth it to buy online in USD and pay for shipping. Wish I knew how much it’ll be in the Canadian stores. Oh well, Neverwinter Nights 2 is out in a couple of weeks, and that will take up all my time soon anyway.