Autumn has arrived, and the air tastes fantastic. I think this weekend we may drive out to Mission or somewhere near there and seek out some fall colours to photograph. I miss that about Ontario – the fall colours on the North Shore mountains aren’t that impressive, since nine tenths of the trees are conifers and don’t change colour at all. Of course, that means that the winter is beautifully green, which is nice in and of itself.

Work today was a bit odd, as it always is when you know you’re going to be leaving a place soon. It felt the same as ever though, the work itself wasn’t any different than usual. I did keep track of wrong number calls today (inaccurately, though, since I don’t answer the phone when I’m on lunch and I was away from my desk a few times and couldn’t remember exactly how many wrong numbers I had gotten while away.

As it turns out, my inaccurate count of wrong numbers compared to right numbers at work today was the following: 53 Wrong Numbers to 17 calls that were actually for us. The numbers are actually higher, probably about 65 wrong numbers at least, and at least five more calls for us. Frightening. I am happy to not be dealing with that anymore after Friday the 13th.

I got a couple of gift cards for my Birthday. I now want to go shopping. Mmmmmmm shopping………


  • theoldmac

    October 3, 2006 at 3:42 am

    I just thought I should point out that I have a little window in the top left corner of my computer screen at work where I watch Daily Show videos all day long to engage my conscious brain functions while I do mindless data entry.

    happy birthday again. I’m sorry I didn’t send you anything this year but money’s been tight. Squeeze dayle for me.

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      October 3, 2006 at 6:38 am

      Haven’t you run out of daily show videos yet?

      Dayle’s response was to sneeze, and now he’s sleeping half on my leg.

      • theoldmac

        October 3, 2006 at 6:45 am

        no, I’ve been using them as a way to get over the most recent heartbreak, which was only last Saturday. I’m actually surprised at how many videos they have on that site. Seems to go on forever. After six full 8 hour days I’m still barely half way through them. When I’m done with daily show, there’s always The Colbert Repor(t).

        he can never do any wrong when he’s asleep.