Since when did halloween equal fireworks?

It has been nonstop fireworks outside since I got home. I don’t remember fireworks being a part of halloween at all when I was younger – I can’t tell if it’s a new association, if it’s an ‘outside of ontario’ thing, or if I was just clueless when I was younger. Either way, Dayle has been staring out the window for an hour or so at least.

Headache again tonight. I’m attempting to keep track of these things so I can report to my doctor or something. This one started sometime after dinner and is lurking around my temples and behind my eyes.

I’m grumpy today and can’t define the reason for it. I’ve also been feeling overwhelmingly inadequate the past two days or so. Might just go lie down in bed and feel sorry for myself or somesuch nonsense. Rest the eyes and the soul. I had bad dreams last night that ended in my death, generally car accident related.

Just heard a firework set off a car alarm. Dayle seems to be tuning them out for now but I’m not convinced he’ll stay that way…

Oh yeah I have to remember to watch the Hour on Thursday. I like george, and thursday there will be some climate change stuff that I should probably familiarize myself with enough to deal with the next day at work should there be calls. This has to be the most dynamic and interesting reception/admin position I’ve had to date… it really does make a difference when you care about the place you’re working for.

Ever since my 30th birthday things have been particularly good. Other than lurking headaches and occasional hormonal grumpiness, I’m pretty happy with life. It’s a nice place to be.

DST Ending and Winter Beginning

Pitch black dark at 6pm. Happy end of daylight savings time.

There were signs of true winter today – a cloud covered the mountain for a few minutes and when it was gone, there was snow. The sun came out and melted it all away, but for a few minutes grouse and the Lions both had snow on them again. It was pretty.

We didn’t end up going biking – our co-conspirators couldn’t make it, and Adam and I didn’t know where we could go with just the two of us in the afternoon without being able to shuttle. We just lounged around the house for a good part of the day, then met with Glen & Tara for food and went for a walk in Deep Cove. Now we’re back at the house about to have dinner, and playing Soul Caliber III.

And I have a headache again. Blasted.

If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can’t buy

New Livejournal Style. I got bored of my old one finally. I’d like to create a custom background and header out of my photos, but don’t have the ambition right now. Perhaps later.

I scrubbed the balcony yesterday – all the green and black gunk of moss and mold that grows on outdoor surfaces in wet Vancouver is gone, and our balcony is a gleaming light gray. I’m seriously impressed, I didn’t think that stuff was coming off, but off it came. I keep glancing out the window at the balcony and being surprised by how bright it is.

Now that it’s winter, the straw mat we have on the balcony really has to come in – it’s too rainy for something like that to stay outside.

We can see the beginnings of snow on the Lions today. Yay snow! We’re going to actually do some downhill skiing this year.

Adam got a new bike, and we had made plans with people to go out riding somewhere. Everyone had to back out for various reasons, so now it’s just Adam and I. We’ll probably still go out somewhere, but since we’ve only got one car there will be no shuttling, and that limits our north shore riding choices quite a bit.

I should make something for breakfast. The clocks changed, it feels later than it is, but we still haven’t eaten yet. Adam’s busy fighting Starscream. Our apartment is nice and tidy. I have thoughts I would like to develop and implement. Maybe we could stay in and do some recording today… no, that would be a bit mean since Adam’s dying to try out the new ride. I’ll have to take a picture of his pretty new bike.

Lacking content

It’s a typical fall day in North Vancouver… that is, we can’t see the mountains outside our back door because the clouds are so low we can practically touch them (some days we can.)

We need to clean this apartment. I think that is what I shall now do while Adam naps. I slept a long time last night, and yet I’m still tired and could sleep more… but no. I shall clean instead.

This requires proper cleaning music.

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So maybe it’s your best friend or the next stranger you see. Maybe it’s your neighbor, maybe it’s you, maybe it’s me who needs to hear encouragement to make it through the day, who needs to hear whatever kind words you might have to say. It doesn’t matter where you’re going or where you have been, ’cause right now is the perfect moment for us to begin to appreciate each other in new and different ways. ~ Christine Lavin

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Rains of Vancouver

It’s a fair sign that we’re well on our way to winter when it rains as hard as it did today.

I rode to and from work (other than the seabus leg, it’s hard to ride a bike across Burrard Inlet and the bridge is still too far out of the way for me to comfortably make it to work on time yet.) The ride to work was good – I started in the dark, it was getting light as I boarded the seabus, and by the time I got across to downtown it was light. It wasn’t really raining hard, a little bit on the north shore (where I live) and very lightly in Vancouver (where I work.) All in all, a nice ride in.

The ride home, however, was hellish.

It started with me leaving work, bike in one hand and a load of mail to drop off at the mailbox in the other. Awkward, but not too tough, and I managed fine. I then hopped on my bike and started the ride down to the Burrard bridge from Kitsilano.

My route takes me down to 1st Ave, where I connect up with Burrard street with a left turn at the lights. On the way down, I stopped at a 4-way stop, where a car stopped then headed through. I started to go through the intersection when another car decided it was just going to ignore the stopsign and drive straight through. He apparently didn’t look left or right, since I guess he couldn’t see any cars in his peripheral, and didn’t see me at all. Fortunately I was watching him and stopped before he had the opportunity to run me down.

I moved on to the corner of 1sts and Burrard at the lights. There was much traffic, and as I sat on my bike literally in the middle of the intersection waiting for the cars to pass by, I realized just how precarious a place I was in. There were cars passing me on either side, and of course, being Vancouver once the light switched to yellow drivers started rushing the light. I couldn’t even make my left turn until it was red. Fortunately no one on Burrard itself rushed the green when it switched for them.

Next up was the bridge. There is a bike lane on Burrard which skips up to the sidewalk when you get to the bridge. It’s much safer this way, considering the speeds at which people cross the bridge. I think the limit is either 50 or 60km/h, but most people are going around 80km/h. At this point, as I rode along the bike lane on the sidewalk, it was raining very, very hard and the water had accumulated in the potholes on the street.

Fast cars + water-filled potholes = tidal waves of mucky wetness.

I managed to somehow time it well enough for most of the ride across the bridge such that I didn’t get hit by any tidal waves… except for once.

A taxicab rushed past, probably going higher than 80 I’d guess, just as I was biking past a particularly large puddle. I wasn’t expecting the wave that hit me – it was strong enough that I wavered on the bike and could’ve fallen sideways if I hadn’t been paying attention. Ended up with water up my nose and in my throat from the road, and running down under my waterproof jacket into my clothing beneath. It was cold and wet and unpleasant.

I made it to the far side of the bridge and headed east towards Hornby, where there is another bike lane. There was a crazy amount of traffic, and I was pretty sure that if I hadn’t had my own lane I would’ve been taken out at least three or four times. It was still pouring rain, I was wet and cold and it was dark and unpleasant…

I’ve never been happier to make it to the sea bus. On the far side I didn’t bother with the ride up the hill to 19th; instead I put my bike on the bus’s bike rack and caught it up to the grocery store where I met Adam and we acquired dinner-like items. I decided not to go out to yoga tonight – I’ve beat myself up enough today, thanks.

My shower was heavenly, although I’m still thinking I may have a bath soon. Unless Chris comes back and we play NWN.

To do

I should make an effort to do two things tonight.

1) Get my stuff ready for the morning so I don’t run around like mad looking for everything before I leave
2) try to go to bed earlier than I have been lately because I’m very, very tired in the mornings, and it’s no fun.

I hope to bike tomorrow. I biked yesterday, and it was good. I didn’t bike today because I was running around like mad looking for stuff I couldn’t find and that made me too late to leave for biking. Annoying that.

All right. I’m going to work on #1 now.

Hot yoga

Tonight I tried hot yoga for the first time. I was very, very sweaty, and also since I haven’t done yoga since 2000 I was shaky and tired very quickly. Hot yoga is different – the hot room is really strange, I felt a bit queasy about 3/4 of the way through, and had a pounding headache start shortly thereafter.

The thing is, I woke up feeling a bit queasy and with a headache this morning, and it went away. So maybe it’s the hot yoga, or maybe I was just having an icky day. Hard to say really.

They gave me a promotional thing where I get to go unlimited for a week for $20. Not sure what times I’ll be able to go back, since my work hours have me coming home somewhat later than I used to, and I don’t yet have fridays off for now. I’ll work something out – if I go at least one more time, that makes it worthwhile.

The thing is, I don’t think I can really afford right now to actually start doing yoga on a regular basis. Maybe after christmas, maybe if we knew Adam wasn’t going to take a permanent pay cut and go back to the service centre come December. We don’t know, and if the budget for his work doesn’t change, then he’ll be making half of what he makes now starting in early December and continuing until I don’t know when. His contract position ends at the beginning of December, they may or may not be able to extend it, and if not, then we don’t know what will happen. I guess that’s when he’ll start looking for something new.

So why am I going out to yoga classes now?

I want to. And I’ve been putting it off for three or four years. I just decided two weeks ago that enough was enough and it was time to get back into it.

My legs feel better than they have in months – that pulled muscle in my left calf has nearly worked itself out, and it’s been sore for a good two months now. I generally feel good now, other than the queasy spell. It was awesome and I missed it a lot.


So many people say girl, you’ve got nothing but time
Oh, you are a shining star, don’t worry what you’re leaving behind…

I’m in the mood for melancholia and creativity.