Too much…

I’m feeling strangely overwhelmed today. I don’t want to deal with anything or anyone. I’m really not in a mood to talk to people I don’t know, and the wrong number callers at work were as annoying as they ever are but I was far more annoyed with it than I usually am.

Maybe the horoscope thing on my aforementioned google page is right, and I am feeling emotionally distant today.

Maybe I need to listen to some more Blue Rodeo, and loudly.

The sky has become interesting again. For weeks on end this summer there was nothing but blue sky, and it was lovely and glorious, but now that the gigantic clouds are back and kissing the mountains again I feel like things are moving forward again. It’s like the summer was a temporary stall in life, where I just took vacations and enjoyed adventure after adventure, and now life is starting again. Just like summer vacation in high school, except I never left work and I’m not going back to school. If only.

I could’ve gone out to a photography club meeting tonight, but wasn’t emotionally prepared for something like that. I don’t know that I’ll ever be, but I hope to at least be headache-free and feeling a bit more confident about myself than I am this week.

You are feeling emotionally distant today, but this doesn’t diminish your mental acuity. Meanwhile, your creative imagination is fully activated; if you allow yourself the luxury to explore your own feelings, then you can enrich the quality of your life. It’s not that your job can’t bring you satisfaction; it’s just that by the end of theday, you may want to hide. Give yourself permission to do whatever suits your fancy.

That’s the full horrorscope thing. What suits my fancy?