Poor Dayle…

Dayle has a cold. He has sneezing fits that spray snot everywhere. It’s unfortunate for him (and whoever he happens to be spraying with snot at any given moment.)

I have a sore throat, unrelated to Dayle’s cold. Not sure why, I must have picked something up someplace this weekend. Hopefully I can fight it off effectively. Time for some Vitamin C or something.

This weekend was full of activity. We didn’t do too much on Friday night – just headed out to Pitt Meadows to see Chris and Nanny while my mom & Merv are out of town on their vacation/cruise. Spent the night there, then got up early on Saturday morning to go mountain biking in Squamish with Adam, Chris, Sean, and Lorne.

We were out riding for about seven or eight hours, up and back down Garibaldi then up another mountain and back down the Powerhouse Plunge. I couldn’t tell you exactly how many kilometres we covered, but it was definitely a lot. I did all right, but they weren’t my favourite Squamish trails – I’m not that comfortable on Pseudotsuga although I’m far better than when I first tried it, and the Powerhouse Plunge kind of terrified me. You see, I’m a bit afraid of heights – or rather, the falling down from heights part of heights. The Plunge has a series of switchbacks coming down the mountain that are fairly narrow with very sharp turns. The dropoff is steep. I walked around the turns, since they were too narrow for me to feel comfortable about riding, and then on the straightaways with the dropoff cliff to one side I couldn’t stand up – had to coast down while sitting on the bike. If you don’t ride, then let me tell you this: when you stand up on your pedals, you’re way more stable, and the ride is much smoother. My fear of falling off the cliff, however, made it too difficult for me to stand – just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I mostly coasted down that section of the plunge.

I did ride the middle section quite well, though – there was a cross-country area with a bunch of skinnies that were only six inches to a foot off the ground and not very sloped, and I rode nearly all of them. That was good. The first part of the trail with the ancient lavaflow area and large boulders strewn across the path, however, wasn’t much fun either. All in all, I mostly only liked the middle part of the Powerhouse Plunge. Guess I won’t be riding in the Test of Metal any time soon.

I took some pictures anyhow. I’ll edit them perhaps tomorrow. Chris wants me to get them done soon I think. I’m just tired now though.

After biking last night we went back to Pitt Meadows with Chris and spent the night there. Adam and I watched three episodes of Lost before falling asleep. We managed to sleep in a bit, got up and spent some time with Nanny before heading out to go In-line skating around the Seawall at Stanley Park with Chris and artyste. Adam and I recently acquired inline skates and wanted to test them out. After the 8 hours of biking yesterday, our legs were a bit wobbly. We pushed through it, though, and managed to ride the entire seawall. By the end of it my feet were cramping and my legs thoroughly exhausted. We then went out for mongolian grill and came home, and now I’m lying on the couch feeling all the bruises and sore muscles that are complaining about my activity-filled weekend. There may not be many left of the good weather, so we’d like to put in as much time doing wheel-based things as we can before we’re only able to hike in the rain. Winter is not far off now. Mountain biking on the trails in winter is slippery and dangerous, and inline skating in the rain is slippery and likely also dangerous.

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  • meisterdorf

    September 25, 2006 at 4:00 pm

    Last time i was at Stanley, I bladed around the park too. I remember the side facing the sound was rather bumpy, but still way fun. Thanks for making me remember it.

    I had a nice bike ride too yesterday, not nearly as long as yours, although I would love to spend all day on the bike. My friend that came along is not in shape and was whining just 10 miles into the day. However, the scenery was absolutly spectacular.