Zen and the art of Germ Fighting

Today I am somewhat better than yesterday. I have come to terms with the sick, we are co-existing peacefully at the moment. I am not forcing my brain to work too hard, and it is allowing me to stand up, walk around, and generally get things done without causing me to swoon with dizziness. We are in a contented, if not energetic, place.

Yesterday in the mail at work we received a flyer for National Dress Down Day, a breast cancer awareness fundraiser type of thing that businesses can do. I think I would like to organize such a thing at my workplace, although I’m uncertain how to approach the boss-types with the concept. I guess I could just walk in with the flyer and say “I’d like to do this” and go from there. I go through these phases of wanting to do something for the greater good of humanity or something, flying in the face of my lack of faith in the greater good of humanity.

My hearing is still somewhat muted from the stuffy head. Everything feels a little muted today, mentally, physically, emotionally.

August is passing by quicker than I can keep track of. Missing those days off sick certainly didn’t help much, since I slept through them. It’s been raining, though, so at least I’m not missing out on gorgeous weather.

Now I shall sit at my desk and eat pineapple and wish I had a zen garden with a little wooden rake and pebbles and sand to play with. That would make me happy today.