Time for a ride

There is a pigeon on the roof of the building next door. Both cats are staring avidly at it. They seem to think they can catch it through the window. Well, at least it’s not a bald eagle this time. That was just too funny.

I’m going out riding today with Chris and Lorne. Adam can’t come, as his finger is still splinted from the last time he went riding. Nothing broken or sprained or anything, just a snapped ligament (or tendon, I can never remember) that has to be in a splint for six weeks to hopefully heal. It’s been three weeks now.

I think we might be heading up Fromme to do Pipeline. That’s what I’m hoping, anyhow – we would rather have someone to shuttle us up part way if that is the case, since the ride up the paved road to the base of the gravel access road that leads to the trail is hellish on a hot day. Otherwise we’re going to try CBC on Mt. Seymour, and I’m not entirely sure I’m up for that yet, Seymour has proven to often be more challenging than I can handle. I know it’s good to challenge myself, but when I end up walking so much that I feel like I didn’t even go riding, I get really disheartened about the whole thing. I have to find a balance between challenging myself and overdoing it, I think.

I hope to take this chance to try out my new lens on Chris and Lorne on the trails. That should be interesting… I’ll post anything that looks good.