Home with the sick

I stayed home from work today. I have the sick.

Yesterday I took my brother Chris out for a ride on Fromme trails with his brand new mountain bike. Adam couldn’t go due to his injured finger – he has to wait another five weeks before he can do anything. He was sad. Chris and I had a good time, though, we did a couple of relatively easy trails on Fromme, and kept it fairly low-key, mostly due to the heat and the fact that we didn’t want to climb the mountain for an hour and a half.

I was very tired all day yesterday, but couldn’t figure out why. As the afternoon progressed into evening, my throat started to swell up and my head began to hurt. I was feeling a little warm, but I had attributed that to being out biking hard uphill in the sun. As it turns out, that probably was an incorrect assumption.

Adam and I had dinner and then went out to see Pirates(2), and the longer we were out the worse I felt. By the end of the night my head was pounding, I could barely swallow, my nose was running non-stop, and I most definitely had a fever. We came home after the movie and I went right to bed.

I was going to go to work today, but when 8:30 rolled around and I was still lying in bed miserable and fuzzy, I called and told them I wouldn’t be in. And then I slept until noon.

Now I’m lying on the couch with my laptop next to me, not doing much of anything.

One exciting thing for today, though: My new camera investment arrived, a 10-22mm wide-angle lens. I picked it up with the money I made off the photography contract last month. I’m so excited to go out and use it. I’ve taken a few shots inside so far, but really, wide-angle’s not meant for taking pictures of cats and my apartment. Although the pictures of the cats are going to look pretty damn funny.