Couldn’t sleep at all tonight, I had too much on my mind…

I want to go to school.

I looked at night courses and kept thinking things like “why would I take underwater basket weaving? I’m not that interested and it doesn’t get me anywhere.” Then I went to look at Langara College’s continuing education, and found what I really wanted.

So yeah. I want to go to night school. Now to save up the money to do just that, somewhere in between saving for the trip back east for Christmas, getting Adam a new video card, and generally living… The benefit of the continuing education program is that I can still work full time and take the courses I need. The problem is I don’t make enough to pay for those courses.

There is a huge world out there that I would like to conquer, and my next step is school – the kind where I can really, actually study and enjoy and work hard and feel accomplished at instead of just going because it’s what you do when you leave high school. I feel incredibly driven to do this now, and I’m hoping to figure out a way to put money aside so I can start at least one or two courses in January. I’d start in September but that’s just right out of the question considering how we’ve budgeted for September.

I guess I need to figure out how to promote the website, pick up a photography contract or something, and research bursaries and scholarships (although you can’t qualify for those unless you have a transcript to prove you’re in school. heh.) I’ve wanted to go back to school for four years now, I just didn’t really see how it would be possible before. Now I see that it is possible, just very, very difficult. That I can handle – or at least I can the way I felt today.

Buy a picture, help me get to school. Buy a few pictures. I really only need one piece of gear to round out the equipment I have for now (need is relative, there are lots of things i want but don’t need exactly, but one thing I definitely need,) so any extra cash I get beyond a laptop/camera pack now will go straight into saving for school.

I can’t be an admin assistant forever, I may destroy something, and it might end up being me.


  • mindexplodes

    August 24, 2006 at 8:03 am

    i thought you already went to school?

    p.s. i bought you a shirt! adress please!

  • Jenny Lee Silver

    August 24, 2006 at 2:26 pm

    Wheeee a t-shirt!

    Have sent the address…

    I went to school for music industry arts. You may note that a) I had a nervous breakdown in 2nd semester due to an abusive ex-boyfriend, failed one class, and did not in fact acquire a diploma because of said failed class and b) worked in the music industry for a few years and decided I really didn’t like the whole industry and fled.

    I only went to school in order to get out of Iroquois faster. I was very anxious to leave.