Childhood memories of jumping the river

When I was very little, there was a ramp built in Morrisburg. It was very tall and ended at the river – basically it was at the bottom of a road, and if you drove a car off the end of this very high and insane ramp, you would land in the river. I remember my parents telling me about how a guy was going to drive a car off that ramp and across the St. Lawrence River to the American side – crossing about a mile of river. I can clearly remember this ramp existing, as well as the story of the man who was going to jump over the river, but in later years I began to wonder if I had imagined it.

At some point, the ramp was disassembled and we never heard anything about the man who wanted to jump over the river in his car again. It faded from my memory, although sometimes I would be in the car going past the spot where I was pretty sure the ramp used to be, and wonder if it was something I had made up or if it was real.

Something this morning triggered this vague memory of a ramp in Morrisburg, and I had to know: was it real? Did someone seriously think they could jump a mile over the St. Lawrence River in their car, and get so far as to build a giant ramp in order to attempt it? Naturally, I checked the only source at my immediate disposal: Google. Google did not let me down.

There was a documentary film released by the NFB in 1981 about a man named Ken Carter, a Canadian daredevil. I found a review of the film, as well as the NFB Information page itself.

I am happy to know that this was a real ramp and not a creation of my mind, but most importantly, I want desperately to see this documentary. I doubt a BC library would have an NFB Documentary about a Montreal daredevil doing a stunt in Ontario, but I must search nonetheless.

I wish my parents had taken photos of the ramp. I would love to see it.

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  • laquira

    August 15, 2006 at 7:18 pm

    I cant think of a few people I’d like to tie inside a car and drive them off a ramp like that 🙂