Workie workie work

I’m up late tonight although I need sleep. I still haven’t recovered from the weekend. I planned to go to bed a while ago, but obviously haven’t yet. The Colbert Report is on, and I’m awaiting the laundry. Adam started a load a while ago and he was going to stay up for it, but just couldn’t – he wasn’t feeling well tonight, so I said I’d wait up for the laundry, and passed the time editing photos.

The laundry is probably done in the next few minutes. I’ll go check when the Colbert Report has a commercial.

The weekend wiped me out in a very big way. I haven’t had a break yet, either – worked today then had to go out and get some more stuff done after work, didn’t get home till about 8:30. Bleh. Made dinner, cleaned up a bit, worked on photos. I am wishing for sleep now.

Ooh commercial. going to get laundry.