I am still wearing the same clothing that I put on Saturday morning before going to Whistler. There are a few reasons for this: first, we stayed overnight in Whistler, crashing at a friend’s hotel room; second, I did not come straight home from Whistler, instead scurrying around the city catching up on the last remaining sites I had to visit; third, I got home and promptly started sorting and editing whatever photos were left to do, and have been doing so for the past five hours. Holy crap I’m tired.

This is what I get, I suppose, for taking on a contract while having a full time job. However, it is hopefully all done. Hopefully. I’m going through things now to confirm that I’ve finished what I needed to do. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Speaking of fingers, and crossing, or something to that effect, Adam hurt himself out biking tonight while I was climbing the Grind. (more on that later, perhaps.) It seems that when he wiped out he somehow managed to rupture a tendon in the end of his finger – he basically can’t move the top part of his finger. He says it doesn’t hurt really, but it’s on a slant and he can’t bend it or straighten it. The tendon is just gone. Ew. He’s pretty upset, and worried about piano playing and guitar and typing and so on.

So I climbed the grouse grind today. Ew. It was fairly disheartening, since I climbed it with Tara who is apparently uber-fit. I am not uber-fit. She was having all sorts of fun, enjoying the stupid hike up the trail, way up ahead of me and waiting for me around every corner. I was miserable, slow, depressed, and my lung was hurting me. Getting to the top was not at all satisfying – it was merely an example of how bad I am at climbing things, and made me feel like crap. Tara was very enthusiastic and happy and ‘hooray for us,’ but I was hard pressed to respond. Was kind of afraid if I said anything at all, it would be negative, and really, she doesn’t need to hear it.

Adam’s manager at work didn’t submit his head office hours early enough for this paycheque, which means he wasn’t paid for them on Friday. Naturally, we are now extremely short, especially after going to Whistler yesterday (which was required, planned since last summer, and had to happend yesterday or never.) Expensive things, trips to Whistler are, even if you’re not staying at a hotel. Here’s hoping we can get through the next couple of weeks okay. I think we’ll be fine, but I haven’t actually looked at our status right now.

My website is busted and I’m overwhelmed with the task of fixing it. Kind of want to curl up in a ball and cry right now. Definitely don’t want to go to bed and dump this on a sleeping, worried, and injured Adam.

We’re not having a good week.


  • ashkitty

    July 31, 2006 at 4:39 pm

    *pets* I’d help out, if I were not trying to figure out how to pay to replace my contact lenses still. :p

    We all deserve better than this.

  • Jenny Lee Silver

    July 31, 2006 at 10:48 pm

    The money’s only really temporary, since his next cheque will catch up. The rest of the frustrations are the piling on of stress, and that’s just a bit of icing. Or something opposite of icing, and thus bad.