I’m sitting in the lunchroom at work with my Notebook. Yay Notebook! Just reading and surfing and currently writing an lj post. It’s something, anyhow.

All I’ve had for lunch is some salad that a co-worker brought too much of and gave me half. That’s not going to be enough, I don’t think, but I’m feeling rather lazy and will quite possibly just go to the A&W next door to get something to supplement it. Greasy burgerworld.

I’m actually running the laptop off the battery for the first time, which is interesting. It keeps the screen dim to conserve power. Apparently I have 4 1/2 hours or so left of battery life, assuming I don’t make it work too hard. I’m glad I upgraded for the longer life battery, even if I haven’t used it much – at some point I will, and having more time on the machine is far better than less.

I still haven’t decided what day I’m going to Victoria this weekend. The ferry should be fun though – I like boat rides. On the other day, I will mostly be driving around the vancouver area, and probably climbing up the Grouse Grind. Ew. I hope to do that early in the morning before it gets crazy-busy and dirty.

Alas, nothing exciting is going on in my brain right now that I can share. I need a laptop bag for this ginormous notebook. Preferably a backpack style, since I hate shoulder bags. Chris lent me his old one, but it’s too small for my ginormous notebook.