Is that what makes her feel damn worthless?

Dayle wanted me to stay home and nap on the couch with him today. I was sorely tempted, but dragged myself up off the couch and went to work instead.

I kind of regret that now, in the way that I would very much like to be napping on the couch with Dayle right this second.

As I left the apartment, I saw a snail making its way across the steps to my door. I watched it for a little while. Its pace seemed about right to me. I kept walking, though, and to work I went.

Falling into old feelings again do do with work. A trained monkey could do my job. Thinking about training one so I can nap on the couch with Dayle.


  • theoldmac

    July 12, 2006 at 11:13 pm

    Ever think about taking a course one evening a week to keep you engaged and upgrade your skills? Might be just enough to re-stimulate that part which is pins and needles of the mind, without complete upheaval.

    as always, just a suggestion, do as you see fit.

  • Jenny Lee Silver

    July 13, 2006 at 12:46 am

    I have considered it repeatedly and looked into it, with little success – mostly because what I want to take requires a full time commitment to schooling which we can’t afford right now, and the things that will further a career in administration are going to further a career in administration, which is the basis of my boredom in the first place. Admin is a boring place, and with every admin job I have come to the same point of boredom and frustration. The only solution I can come up with is get out of admin, but that brings up the issue of into what? I need to be challenged, but don’t have any experience with anything besides admin and retail and vague ‘project co-ordination.’

    Perhaps my photography contracts and the new website will help me branch out a bit from the admin side of things.