Dirt Series and websites

In the busy happenings that made up the month of July, I completely forgot that the Dirt Series was coming up in August. Last year when I went I learned a whole lot and had a blast, as well as managed a whole new level of confidence with my mountain biking. I really wanted to go again this year, but completely forgot about it and didn’t put the money away for it in July like I should have. Basically that means I’m about 150$ short of going, and that makes me kind of sad. It’s this coming weekend, of course, and there are no paychecks between now and then, so no real hope of income there. Unfortunate, that. I need a sponsor, but no one will sponsor me unless I’m good, and I won’t get good without going to Dirt Series, and I can’t afford to go to dirt series which is why I need a sponsor. Heh.

I have my beta site mostly up, but there are still some bugs in the paypal ordering system. At any rate, JennyLeeSilver.com is somewhat live-ish. People can order stuff at least, I’ll just have to confirm each order manually before I ship anything.

It was so fantastic to come home tonight and relax, clean the very messy apartment, eat dinner with my husband, not rush around madly taking photos. So very nice.

I’m slowly rebuilding my photo journal and Picture a Day galleries too, since they were accidentally wiped. Ick. I’m going to have to find out how you back up Gallery properly on my computer once it’s all up there and complete.

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  • deb_or_ah

    August 2, 2006 at 1:25 pm

    OOOHHH – I went to your site and LOVED my first impression. Nice job!