Biking and computer and bride

I’ve been away the past three days – on Thursday morning Adam and I went on a trip to Squamish with his co-workers for a mountain biking trip. We camped out at Alice Lake in Squamish and biked on Thursday and Friday. It was a lot of fun.

Got back Friday night to discover that the new computer has arrived, which I promptly began setting up and customizing and uninstalling all the crap that I’ll never use that comes pre-installed. The file transfer from the other two computers to this one is time consuming, but must be done. My old P3 is going to someone who needs a machine. I’m incredibly happy with the new one, the screen is HUGE for a lappy, although maybe it needs a better name than laptop – it’s huge, after all. Giant desktop replacement style. I like it. Now we just have to pay it off.

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to the USA for the second wedding of spadoink and uniqueunorque. I took around 600 pictures or so. Along with the rest of the photos I have to edit, I’m going to be very, very busy for a long while. But now I have a computer that will let me do that without kicking Adam off his. Huzzah!