Yesterday was beautiful

Yesterday was filled with snippets of beauty (in spite of a grumpy moody husband, oddly enough)…

A jogger paused at the edge of a monument in a park to show his respect before to those who died in the wars… it was a silent, moving moment that I felt lucky to have experienced.

I spent time on the phone with my father-in-law reaffirming the fact that I really love him, and miss living there some days.

Scrappy and I ran through the blueberry bushes together in the afternoon sun. Running in a field with a dog is the epitome of freedom. Watching him swim and haul himself back out of the water to shake as close as he can get to you is the epitome of dog.

We walked along the dyke with Mom and Merv and Chris and Mom’s friend Lisa. A large bird flew over us with a fish grasped in its claws. I made my way through grass that was taller than I am searching for a photo. I saw many slugs. All of it left me calm and happy.

All of that made missing the street festival all right. I don’t like crowds that much anyway.

Today the bike home from work was the easiest it’s been yet. I got home, we had dinner, and I went back out to fencing for the first time since the end of March. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about it – I’ve forgotten many things, I was afraid I’d be so out of shape that I’d fall down and give up during warm-up, and I was afraid to re-meet the people I had sort of started to know before disappearing. I still don’t do so well in large groups, especially not when I feel out of my element, which happens when I’m attempting to learn something completely foreign to me like a martial art.

I’m apparently in way better shape now than I was back in March – I didn’t feel like dying immediately upon finishing warm-ups. The only problems I really had were keeping my arm up (swords are heavy, yo) and remembering how to do lots of things. A good experience, all in all.

Plus, I met a woman who looks, talks, and has the same kind of attitude as Trasie. I kind of want to chase her down and make her be my friend, but I know things don’t work that way. Perhaps I will see her again, and maybe we will get along, and all that sort of stuff. Sometimes I really miss that kind of friendship in my life – it’s been lacking since I’ve been in Vancouver. It’s so hard for me to reach that level of comfort with people, and it doesn’t help that I get insecure about my “friend features” if you will. Do I qualify, will they like me? Man, sometimes I’m so third grade it’s just sad.

Barring that, though, I am feeling quite good. Tomorrow I will be stiff and sore for certain. Tonight I have energy and I feel happy.