Who needs sleep? yeah, you’re never gonna get it.

I’ve been thinking far too actively the past two or three nights to really sleep when I go to bed. I keep going to bed then lying there tossing around for an hour before I give up and go sit on Adam’s computer for a while in an attempt to wipe myself out. Unfortunately, the next morning I’m always very, very tired and groggy at work. There’s just too much planning and scheming going on in my head right now, and I’m far too excited about many different things, and all of it’s adding up to my inability to relax and fall asleep unless I’m bone-tired.

As such, this weekend we are going to hike up Golden Ears to Alder Flats and camp overnight. It will probably be tough, since I’m in reasonably good but not great shape, and it will most definitely wipe me right out. I will take many photos, of course.

Does anyone have an old printer lying around that I could borrow for a month or so? I suddenly find that life would be much easier if I had one – there are things I need to print out that will keep me organized. I’ll probably ask around work tomorrow too, maybe they’ve got one in the office that’s not in use I could borrow for a while. Hopefully. It’s too bad ours didn’t survive the last move, else I’d just use that. We threw it out, though, due to its bustedness.