Up to date

I haven’t been in a mood to write much of anything for at least a week now. This is mostly due to a lack of inspiration, really. I’ve been pretty busy the past couple of weeks, but just haven’t felt like writing.

We helped artyste move in to his new place here in Vancouve last weekend, I think(hope) he’s starting to settle in a bit now. After taking my little brother out mountain biking a couple of weeks ago he immediately decided to buy a bike, and we went out bike shopping with him last weekend. He’s got two picked out that he really likes, and will probably pick one of them up this week sometime. We shall see which way he goes. I haven’t seen a lot of Tara this week, she’s been busy with school and work, and she also moved (conveniently she’s sharing an apartment with Arty. Hopefully they don’t annoy the crap out of each other.)

Last Sunday we did a Kayaking thing with Adam’s work down at Jericho beach. It was fun, and naturally I took photos. The Picture a Day project isn’t quite up to date yet, and nothing really exciting in there. Hopefully will catch up soon. I’ve started messing around a bit with RAW for fun. We shall see how that goes.

Yesterday I got a haircut. I’ll post a picture as soon as I get one. It’s pretty cool.

Today we drove out to Squamish again to go mountain biking with Lorne and Chris (who rented a bike again.) We had a lot of fun. I only just got the squished bug out of my eye, however. Stupid bugs. Many hours of mountain biking has left me thoroughly exhausted and ready for bed at 9pm. It’s still light out. Yikes.

I am also craving sweet, smooth chocolatey goodness. I think the best I can do right now is a chocolate milk, however. I think that’s what I will, in fact, do.

I really want to get back into fencing. Must make time for this – choose a day and just go already. I think I’ll cut back my visits to the gym down to once a week instead of twice, and replace that with fencing, because otherwise I will become resentful of losing my afterwork evenings. I need to keep some for me just to relax and do nothing, or sit on my computer, or work on photos or the website or necklaces or whatever else I really want to get done.

Resentment is not a becoming trait in a JennyLee.