New things and old

Adam has been feeling a lot better lately. He hasn’t been missing work and he hasn’t had to go home early or stay in when I go out because he’s in too much pain. All of this makes for things being all around better these days. We’re not independently wealthy yet, but hey, can’t have everything.

We ordered a brand new laptop last night. This will be the very first brand new, non hand-me-down, completely designed for my needs computer that I have ever owned. Since my first XT, I’ve had someone else’s old machine, and I think it’s about time I actually get my own machine. I have great plans to take over the world with it. We’re getting it through Adam’s work computer loan, which is paid back out of his paycheck for the next however long it takes to pay off (sooner if we put extra into it.) I am suitably thrilled, and yet still hesitant to be thrilled because it hasn’t yet arrived, and I do always like to wait for the other shoe and be happy that it didn’t arrive.

I’ll be donating my old machine, which is solid and still runs like a workhorse, to someone from Adam’s work who doesn’t have a computer at all. Except the speakers, I think I’ll keep those. And maybe the wireless keyboard & mouse – he can have the non-wireless ones. Maybe. We shall see how I like the keyboard for the laptop, I guess.

Oh yeah, haircut. Still don’t have a good photo of it, really, except for a snarky one where I’m all squinty due to overwhelming brightness.

My new website is nearly presentable! This is an exciting thing, since any money I make off it will now go to paying off the laptop loan and/or putting together enough prints to hang a show somewhere.

MSN Messenger has been ASS for me lately – apparently it tells people that I’m offline when I’m not, and they are unable to send me any messages. Curses.

I have been averaging one trip to the gym every week, as well as biking to and from work, and every two weeks doing a long mountain biking trip (4-6 hours average, sometimes both weekend days.) The intention is to go back to fencing once a week now, too. I’ve also been eating better. Adam and I made a promise to do this health thing with the exercise and the food together, but lately I’ve felt kind of like I’m in it alone – he still eats more than perhaps he ought to, and treats himself to sweet stuff more often than he should when I’m not around to veto it. He’s also not doing anything outside of the mountain biking every couple of weeks in the way of exercise. He says it’s because he can’t afford to do anything, but I’m pretty sure that’s an excuse. He could find the money if it mattered – a membership for the pool costs less than what he spent on video games this month. I should be happy that I’m able to keep up my own efforts, but I get pretty resentful that he comes home after work and takes a nap on the couch while I head straight from work to the gym, then go home and think up something to make for dinner, and make it.

And no, this isn’t the scenario every night, but it’s been that way the past few weeks, and I would love to come home sometime and have dinner ready and waiting for me. I do it for him usually when I’m home earlier than he is. I’d like the same on occasion. It’s just so… typical. I hate typical. I’ll try talking to him about it again, not much else to do.

At the very least, there are only minor annoying things wrong. For that I am thankful.