Good and Bad

Good: I finally tried to pull my shit together and get my taxes done for the last three years.
Bad: Haven’t done my taxes in 3 years. Am missing most of the paperwork which is in boxes in ontario. Have to call the government tomorrow and hopefully get the paperwork back from them. Ick.

Good: I paid off my Canada Student Loan
Bad: I apparently didn’t pay off my Ontario student loan yet, even though I thoght I had. This means if I get money back from aforementioned taxes, it will go towards said student loan.

Good: I got some contract work for the next month or so.
(that one’s just good.)

Good: Called that collection agency that left a message on my phone a few weeks back to find out wtf they were looking for.
Bad: Apparently I have an outstanding debt on a store credit card that I don’t remember, but may very well have had. I guess I’ll have to pay that one back. I had the card in 99 apparently, and don’t remember it at all. Strange.

Good: Got invited on Adam’s mountain biking trip next week.
(also just good, I think.)

Good: My new website is very very close to done and ready to go live
Bad: My new website isn’t live yet damnit!

The good outweighs the bad but I really need a higher income to pay back all these old stupid debts that keep surfacing. If I could get them dealt with, I’d be back at square one again, and that would be fantastic.