Brain. Mud.

I spent the past few hours working on the new site design, which is still coming along nicely. I hit a snag tonight, though, in that my photo gallery requires someone who knows what they are doing in order to work. I am not skilled in these things, and so I can do nothing more until someone helps me. I have asked, now hopefully help will have time for me soon.

We played Munchkin last night with artyste and Chris. It was fun, and I came from behind to win overwhelmingly. Go me! It’s good to have arty in town now. Too hard to make new friends in this city, I’ll just convince old ones to move here instead.

Adam’s playing Ace Combat 5 in the living room – our TV is making him swear a lot. I guess it’s hard to see distant targets on a blurry tv that bleeds colours all over. I might play some more Drakengard soon. Or not. I don’t really know.