And again I cop out

No fencing tonight, although I had planned to. I feel like crap, have a headache and cramps, and I’m moody as all hell. Plus, this is the first night this week I think we’ve had to ourselves, and I really want to stay home and enjoy it. Plus I have a bunch of photos to update with the Picture a Day project.

I had a double espresso latte this morning for breakfast. I was wired for a long time. Now I am just tired out. I still have the ride home up the hill, which was easier last night than it has ever been. I’m thinking about selling off the Wee Giant and putting the money towards a commuter bike of some sort instead. Alternately I could just put slick tires on it and lock out the front fork as much as possible, but ultimately it’s still a mountain bike, and a commuter bike would be nice for riding in town. After all, I have the Kona for mountain biking.

We may or may not go riding this weekend. We may or may not go see a movie this weekend. We have no plans at all this weekend, actually. That’s nice in a way. I can play Drakengard, work on pictures or the website or whatnot, and sleep in.

Chances are we’ll make plans at some point, though. We always do. Boredom does not go over well with me.