Questions were asked by ozreison, that I said I would answer. Should you want to answer some questions asked by me, leave a comment and I will ask.

1) What do you most enjoy about living in BC?
I love walking out my front door and being on a mountain in a forest within 30 minutes – by car, by transit, by bike or even by walking (although the walk might take 45 minutes.) I am very North Van – the city folk in Vancouver proper think I’m crazy to live all the way in North Vancouver. I think it’s awesome.

2) What is the best memory you have about your wedding day?
That’s a tough one, the whole day was fantastic, really. Belli, Laquira, Tara and I had a boatload of fun getting ready, having our hair done, painting me into my corset. That moment before I walked out of the house into the back yard where Adam and everyone waited for me, and the song that Adam wrote about the first night we met was playing. Showing off the fantastic painting by Vachel on my wedding train. Jordy’s awesome video montage of pictures of Adam and I, and that secret look Jordy and I gave each other when the one picture of me from the canoe trip showed up in it. Templier fire dancing in the back yard during the party and shocking all the jewish grandparents. Undoing the corset and remembering how to breathe deeply again.

3) It’s a beautiful day outside, and you can do whatever you want, no restrictions. What do you do?
I gather up my camera gear and any people who want to come along for the trip, and I go hike up a mountain, where I have a picnic and take pictures of everything I can find.

4) What is your absolute favourite food?

5) If you won a huge lottery, what would you do with the money?
First, I’d pay off any debt we have left. Then I’d give Adam’s parents money as thanks for all the help they’ve been over the past many years, since they’re impossible to buy gifts for. Then I’d pay off my mom’s debt, because who doesn’t want to be debt-free? Then I’d buy an uber-laptop and many, many lenses and camera accessories for my 20D (but not the $80,000 lens, because really, I don’t need that. Honest.) Then we’d pay someone to take care of the Dayle (and Sera, but really, I’d only have to pay someone for Dayle,) buy a bunch of backpacking and camping and travel gear, set aside some money that would take care of travel expenses, give away Huffy to someone who knew what they were getting into and still wanted her, give the apartment to Tara & Artyste and keep paying rent (if they wanted it,) put the bulk of what’s left into some sort of investment, and grab Adam and go travelling and taking pictures and writing in some sort of travel blog, because I’d want to stay connected to my intarweb friends. Then when we were done travelling I’d be a stay-at-home mom for a while to see if I liked it.