Ned’s Atomic Dustbin!!

Tonight after the uphill ride home from work Adam and I met up with our friend Lorne and rode Ned’s Atomic Dustbin on the north shore. Considered a blue (intermediate) trail, there were a lot of parts that I (beginner rider here) had to walk / toss my bike down due partly to lack of skill and party to sheer and utter terror. There was, however, a lot of trail that I actually managed to ride, and I did not fall once. I still consider any ride where I don’t fall and hurt myself a good ride. I had my standard Oh my god this is overwhelming why is it so hard and why am I so terrified I’m pretty sure I could do this but fuck I’m scared and I want to go hide somewhere and cry please and thank you moment, but I pushed through it and things got a lot better from that point on.

Holy crap, we rode Ned’s!

The Ned’s write-up from the GVRD Site:

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin: “Ned’s” is one of the oldest trails on the North Shore and was originally used by skiers to access the slopes of Mt. Seymour before there was a road to the top. Ned’s is a great trail for both intermediate and advanced riders alike as it offers a hard packed surface over a primarily gentle slope with many man-made structures to challenge any rider’s skills. It is arguably the North Shore’s most ridden trail and although it can be quite wet in the fall and winter, it is always a fun ride.