Mountain Biking on Mount Burke

Today’s adventure took us to Coquitlam’s Mount Burke, where we hoped to ride the mountain bike trail Flywheel. I had been there once before, a year ago with my Women’s Mountain Biking course, before I hurt myself and ended up on crutches. I think we missed the turn-off, however, and ended up on some trail that had a sign saying “Gonzo” at the beginning, but doesn’t appear to be listed anywhere. I don’t know, maybe it was Flywheel, but I really didn’t remember it, and there were a lot of structures that I simply couldn’t ride. Flywheel was the trail that, after going last year with the course, I started to feel a lot better about learning to mountain bike. This did not make me feel the same way – I in fact walked a lot of the trail, especially all the rickety-looking structures. I’m already not fond of structures – rickety ones are not going to win me over.

I haven’t been taking my camera with me on the mountain biking trips so far this year. This is mainly because I want to focus on becoming a more confident and thus better rider, and that’s hard when I’m worried about falling and breaking a camera in my backpack. When we go on some major trips out to Squamish or something, then I’ll bring the camera. I may also bring it the next time we’re doing a trail I’m familiar with, like lower Burnaby’s North Road trail. I’d like to actually get some photos in at some point, but I really want to be comfortable with myself on the trails first.

Adam has been out riding with me every time so far this year. It’s great, actually, because he missed so much time last year due to being sick a lot of the time. We’re starting to work out a way to pace our rides that’s good for both of us – I send him ahead so that he can go at his own pace (quicker than mine) and I don’t have to worry about suddenly stopping with him behind me, messing up his trail flow. Plus, I really hate it if someone is watching me when I’m nervous or scared of something. I want to be in a situation where, if I decide to walk over an obstacle, I’m the only one who has to know. I’m way more likely to try things without a peanut gallery when it comes to biking. Not that I mind a little coaching sometimes – our friend Lorne has been really good for that, actually. I hope he knows that and doesn’t think I hate him for bringing me out to trails that are harder than I think I can manage… I should tell him so.