Mother’s Day Sand Castles

Yesterday we had our Mother’s Day with my mom. Adam and I drove out to Pitt Meadows to meet at Mom’s house, where we then piled into the van and drove out to Harrison, home of the hot springs. They built a pool in the hot springs and put a building around it, which is kind of lame if you ask me. We weren’t there for the hot springs anyway – we went to see the HarriSand World Championships of Sand Sculpture. I’ll post some photos of the event later.

After checking out the sand sculptures Mom decided we should go to Minter Gardens, where I took many photos of flowers (as per usual when in a garden.) It was a lovely day to be wandering around a garden. We ended up buying some plants for our balcony in their plant shop.

We headed back to mom’s house and met my brother, where we had some bbq’d burgers for dinner, followed by an outing to Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen is becoming a bit of a tradition when we go over to mom’s, I think. Dangerous place. We nearly picked up a bistro set at a store near Dairy Queen, but decided against it – the set was pretty cheaply made, although pretty.

This morning some fundraiser/telemarketer phoned and woke me up. I’m sorry, you can’t get money out of a morning Jenny, especially not if you woke her up with the phone. I still truly loathe the phone, even though I’ve finally paid off the last of my defaulted student debt and collection agencies won’t call me anymore. Chances are good, if you phone me on my home line, I will not pick up. At any rate, I politely told them to go away, although I think my morning voice may have scared them a little.

Today I plan to work on the site redesign, and after Adam is finished work we’re going to head out to Port Moody to go mountain biking.

I’ve been thinking a lot in the past two days about all the different stories going on around me. I’ve also been thinking about doing some more writing, but I should probably finish editing Eventide before I launch into something else. I overwhelm myself with projects sometimes.