In retrospect…

I finally lost a pound. Go me!

My journal turned six years old earlier this month – on May 4th, to be precise. In honour of that, and because I missed it, I think I’ll do a look back over the years in my lj (inspired by scottobear, really.)

One year ago today: I was looking for a dress & shoes for the wedding.

Two years ago today: I liked Shrek 2, played six hours of Dynasty Warriors, and complained about my lungs and being sick.

Three years ago today: Adam and I were actually at the cottage for our last visit there before it was sold, so no update the day of, but one a few days later – photography revelations, black flies and spider bites, and taking pictures of Morla sleeping on a crazy side-road adventure in Huffy, back before Huffy was our car, and before Huffy was called Huffy.

Four years ago today: I got a makeover at the Elmwood Spa. That was the best haircolour I ever had.

Five years ago today: Mostly just coming down from the original Temagami life-changing experience trip ™, and filled with fear and doubt and all sorts of other things. I was definitely in a state of transformation at the time.

Six years ago today: I started the day really annoyed, had only $4.00 for lunch and got a bagel with soup, had one of my articles posted, called about apartments, and was in the evening once again really annoyed (with good reason both times, now that I look back.)

The song that is currently playing is apparently my work Itunes favourite song.


  • mithoviel

    May 26, 2006 at 4:20 am

    6 years of livejournal (mine is 4 days younger)…how things have changed.