Picture a Day, Photo Journal, and the Gym

The Picture a Day Project is updated. I added two more pictures to the Photo Journal as well, since I had them.

It seems that my photo gallery currently has 2098 photos in it. Ummm. I don’t wanna take any down, but my hosting charges are going up. I must ponder this extensively.

Today I went to the gym again (as I did on Thursday.) I’m mostly just doing cardio, since weights scare me, as do many of the large scary people doing said weights. I’ve started going to the gym with a guy (G) from work, but he knows about as much about such things as I do (if not, less,) so we’re both kind of useless. I hope to remedy this in the near future. I did, however, do some crazy Cross-Country run on the cross-trainer machine that was a half hour long and very, very tiring. After that, I did not bike home – instead put my bike in the back of G’s car and he dropped me off at home. Biking the hill would have been too much this soon, considering I only started biking today. Plus, I started to feel that sharpness in my shoulder that’s connected to my lung problem (whatever it is) and I didn’t want to push it.

Maybe I’ll start keeping a paper journal of what I eat, how much I’m exercising, and how much weight I’m losing/gaining/maintaining – since I’ve started trying to lose weight and all.

I wonder if I have to start paying for fencing lessons when I go back? Meh. Will deal with that when I start going back, I guess. In the meantime, check out their pretty new website (that I had a big hand in doing) and especially go watch Zombies!!

And now I shower.