Great start to the morning…

I woke up and thought my headache that started yesterday at 2 was gone. I think it was until Adam came back in the apartment (having left for work fifteen minutes earlier) and told me he was ready to give up. As such, my headache-free time this morning was approximately thirty seconds of time between when I woke up and he walked back in the door.

We noticed the car was leaking again early last week before the trip. We brought it back in to the dealership on Tuesday morning, where they found two more leaks and fixed those. Theoretically, the car is no longer leaking (three holes patched? C’mon Huffy, you’re not that old.) Apparently this morning, however, the car had a flat, which Adam didn’t notice until he was driving. He took it to the gas station and put air in the tire, but apparently the hole is big enough that you can hear the leak. Joy.

Adam’s gone off to work via transit. He’s been driving the past few weeks for health reasons, since his mobility was pretty limited for a little while there. It has become very apparent to me that I suck at making him feel better (especially at 7 in the morning, since I am literally a zombie when I wake up.) Unfortunately for me, Adam is also aware of this failing I have, and when he’s upset about things he throws it back at me that I’m not making him feel any better. It’s not like I don’t try, I just say the wrong things, and then other times I’m afraid to say the wrong things so I hardly say anything, and then when nothing seems to be working at all I tend to get either angry or upset myself, and that just makes things collapse entirely. By the time he had left for work, I had either managed to do absolutely nothing to make him feel better (not for lack of trying) or somehow made things worse. I don’t even know. My head, though, it hurts.

After paying for the leak fix our account is down to about 8$, so we won’t be fixing the tire today. Maybe tomorrow after Adam gets paid, assuming we can fit it into the budget. I guess we have to, I know how bad it is to leave a flat for too long.

So far the leaky ceiling in the bathroom hasn’t re-started leaking, so maybe that’s finally fixed (it’s only been leaking since we moved in in January.)

I don’t know what’s up with our wireless network, but both computers like to randomly disconnect from it and then reconnect with an Excellent connection. Rinse, repeat ad nauseum.

I got maybe half-way through editing the pictures from the trip last night. I will try to get the rest done tonight, assuming I can get through all the crises. Of course, that will have to happen after my painful attempt at going to the gym. I am not looking forward to it. Hopefully by then my headache will be gone.