Astronomy and me

Last night at midnight we drove out to Iona Beach Park with our bikes in the back of the car, met a few guys from Adam’s work (and their telescopes) and hopped on our bikes to ride out to the end of the point. It’s near the international airport, so we could see the jets landing and taking off. There was also very little light pollution considering we were still in the city, and it was a clear, moonless night.

Once we reached the end of the point on our bikes, the set up the two telescopes and pointed them first at Jupiter. It was really something else to see the planet with four of its moons lined up nice and neatly in a row next to it… very very cool.

Then they managed to find Saturn, which was definitely the highlight of the evening for me. Upon looking through the telescopes at Saturn, I could actually see the rings! It was so awesome. We stayed out there until about 2:15 or so, then biked back to our cars and headed home by three. I took a few photos, which I will work on shortly and post any usable ones.

It really was awesome.

Also of note, it was the first time Adam’s been on his bike in about 9 months. He was so very happy. It was good to see.

Before I edit photos, I must run over to pick some stuff up at London Drugs. Soon, though, I will both catch up on my Picture a Day Project (all taken, just not processed yet) and add whatever interesting pictures I took over the past week that weren’t from Tofino to the photo journal. Then I think we’re going for dinner with one of Adam’s workmates, who I’ve gone mountain biking with a couple of times. Yay!