A very long entry. Splendiiferous, if you will. Deal.

This has been a very busy weekend. It did start slow, with the whole ‘sit at home on the computer doing nothing’ for a good part of yesterday morning and into the afternoon, but then things started to actually happen. I like things that happen.

Fun with Nanochrist

I met Adam downtown and we had lunch with nanochrist (the whole band.) We had lunch at the Templeton Diner where the food was fantastic as always (and I resisted the temptation of both a Five Dollar Shake and Jones Soda, go me!.) It was nice to actually meet the other guys in Nanochrist. I’ve seen them play a few times before, but never actually talked to any of them besides Mike.

We then brought the guys back to our place where they got to discover the fantastic view from our balcony and the leakiness that is above our toilet (hey, at least the roof leaks into the toilet bowl, it’s kind of convenient that way.) They went back out to the bar to wait for a sound check, and Adam took a nap while I lurked online. We went out to see the band play around 10:30, since they were supposed to be on at either 11:30 or 12:15. We weren’t clear on exactly when. We arrived at the bar to discover that the whole thing was disorganized. We listened to a few of the other bands play, watched the unfolding lack of amplifier Crisis, and chatted with Astrid (who has an lj, I believe,) and peekaboo. The crises were sorted out, the band played after 1:00 am, I took some pictures, and it was good.

Having the uber-mellow acoustic rock/folk/singer-songwriter/mellow electronic kind of musical tastes I have, Nanochrist isn’t generally my kind of music. I have always enjoyed them seeing them live (except maybe the time I had the really terrible tension headache from hell, but that’s a different story.) They were by far the most interesting band that we saw that night. I really enjoy the music, it’s got a lot going on and it has tonnes of energy, which is great – I just have trouble really listening to something I can’t understand the words to. I have to face the facts – I want the option to sing along, and my voice is pretty and nice, not angry and screaming.

Anyhow they were good and I enjoyed the show.

We got home at 3:30 am after a quick Tim Horton’s stop to feed the insatiable Steve, and then everyone crashed out.

I believe Mike woke up with a Dayle lying on his chest and staring him in the face.

You came in with the breeze on Sunday Morning

Sunday morning after maybe five hours of sleep, we got up and went for breakfast, where the once again insatiable Steve ate two full breakfast plates. We then piled into cars and drove up Cypress mountain to the various lookout points, because you can’t come to visit Vancouver and not see a mountain up close and personal. Plus, looking out over Vancouver is really too beautiful not to share. We got all the way up to the top where we discovered that the ski hill was actually open, although not very busy. The parking lot was large and quite empty…

And much spinning in donut-like Grand Prix inspired circles ensued.

We then came back down the mountain and the band that slept on my floor took off for the airport.

Tara arrived at our house, and the three of us took off to Burnaby Mountain’s lower trails with our bikes. It was the first time Adam’s been on his bike in about 8 months, it’s the first time Tara’s ever been out on real trails, and it’s the first time I’ve been out since last September.

Since we were literally around the corner from my brother’s house in Burnaby, and it is his birthday today, we gave him a call and stopped in there to say hi and happy birthday. We were invited in for dinner and cake, which was very good.

And then we watched Advent Children. Oh man. It was beautiful. I want to watch it again. Right now.

Am I good enough for you?

There is often a lot on my mind these days, and I tend to not give it any outlet, for many different reasons. Knowing myself, this is not the healthiest way for me to deal with things.

I wonder, lately, if I should be making an effort to be part of some kind of community – be it online or in the physical realm. Adam pushes me to submit photos to contests or sites, but it often seems to me that there is a specific community/clique happening, and I can’t break into these things. I just don’t want to put in an effort to become part of the in crowd. Is this detrimental to me? Probably. I suppose it’s partly that I don’t feel at all on the same level, and that’s how I feel about everything I do in my entire life – I’m not that good at any of it, I just tend to branch out in as many directions as possible. Perhaps I’m putting more energy and focus into photography than anything I’ve done before, but I still don’t feel that anything is different.

Am I improving? I think so. Is it enough?

Well that’s the thing. My standards are so high it’ll never be enough.

Does that mean I should give up on it? At this point I don’t think I could if I tried. I take pictures of things because I really, truly, honestly want to take pictures of things.

I don’t know what the point of all this is. I guess I just came close to considering getting a new computer again today, and it fell through (never really got off the ground, really) and I’m once again terribly disappointed. And I can’t think of anything to do about it besides sell my body somewhere. Does Vancouver have a red light district? Or get some part-time job (if I could even find one) and destroy what little health I seem to have at the moment.

Ah well. I could put my soul on the market, but I don’t think people pay for those in cash monies.

Disjointed thoughts

I got a call a few minutes ago from nanochrist, will probably be getting together with him/them in the afternoon. In the meantime, I am pretty much sitting at home doing nothing, because nothing is what I feel like doing.

I had psychotic dreams all morning about going on various road/camping/airplane trips. I’m not really sure how we got huffy on a plane, along with two canoes, but apparently we did. Impressive.

Last night I put the camera on my tripod and brought out a laser pointer and some LEDs to play with them. It was fun, I’ll have to transfer the pictures over so I can take a look at the results.

I seem to have lost my current favourite hat (as seen in my user icon.) I can’t figure out where it is – it’s not with the rest of my hats. If I have visited you in the past couple of months, did I leave a hat at your house? Please let me know if you see it, I’d like to be wearing it.

The small crises are far more manageable than the large ones.

We rented Kingdom Hearts II. The story so far is pretty good. Very Square, anyhow.

I can’t find the right words.


I have msn and Yahoo IM. Would you like to talk to me? Comment here if you want.

Even if you think I don’t want to talk to you, maybe I do. Unless you’re my father, in which case, no, I still don’t want to talk to you.

Cancer, health, biking, and stuff

A month or two ago my mom told me that her sister (my Aunt, but I’m not allowed to call her that, she’s just Jill,) had found a lump in her breast. I didn’t hear anything about it after that until today.

Today I found out that she’s undergoing chemotherapy.

I should feel more connected to this fact, and yet I do not. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me.

In other news, I may or may not have a kidney stone. At the very least, I seem to have some sort of Urinary tract or bladder infection. The pain could be from a kidney stone, it has been reasoned. I’m now on Antibiotics for a week and a half – the same ones that Adam’s on! Huzzah! At least I know the side effects, and I only have to take it for ten days.

I also went to the gym tonight, although I kept the workout pretty short. I did, however, go, which is the first hurdle really. Since I’ve started going last week, I’ve managed to not wimp out once on the days I promised I would go. I’m also biking again, and my new route is pretty much a constant uphill the whole way home, taking about 25 minutes. It’s hard work. I will celebrate on the day that I notice it’s not hard work anymore.

Picture a Day Project is Updated.


The pain in my lung reappeared today while I was at work. I made an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow morning before work. I don’t know if it will still hurt by then, but he said to come in if the pain came back, so in I go.

It’s also gym day tomorrow. Assuming I’m still allowed to do exercise. I wonder if the lung thing means I need to take time to relax? That would suck, I’m just getting in to the gym thing and I’m really enjoying biking now that it’s not raining every single day.

I think I’ll sit down and play some guitar. Music is life.

Picture a Day, Photo Journal, and the Gym

The Picture a Day Project is updated. I added two more pictures to the Photo Journal as well, since I had them.

It seems that my photo gallery currently has 2098 photos in it. Ummm. I don’t wanna take any down, but my hosting charges are going up. I must ponder this extensively.

Today I went to the gym again (as I did on Thursday.) I’m mostly just doing cardio, since weights scare me, as do many of the large scary people doing said weights. I’ve started going to the gym with a guy (G) from work, but he knows about as much about such things as I do (if not, less,) so we’re both kind of useless. I hope to remedy this in the near future. I did, however, do some crazy Cross-Country run on the cross-trainer machine that was a half hour long and very, very tiring. After that, I did not bike home – instead put my bike in the back of G’s car and he dropped me off at home. Biking the hill would have been too much this soon, considering I only started biking today. Plus, I started to feel that sharpness in my shoulder that’s connected to my lung problem (whatever it is) and I didn’t want to push it.

Maybe I’ll start keeping a paper journal of what I eat, how much I’m exercising, and how much weight I’m losing/gaining/maintaining – since I’ve started trying to lose weight and all.

I wonder if I have to start paying for fencing lessons when I go back? Meh. Will deal with that when I start going back, I guess. In the meantime, check out their pretty new website (that I had a big hand in doing) and especially go watch Zombies!!

And now I shower.

Picaday update

Today’s Picture a Day is up, although it’s technicall from last night (but after midnight, so from today.) I took a few pictures this evening as well, but haven’t really looked at them yet. After last night’s adventure, I’m actually pretty tired. Adam’s already asleep.

Hey, where’s the hat I’m wearing in this userpic??? I must locate it!

I think tomorrow is a gym day. Also, I will start biking to and from work again as of tomorrow. Go me.

I feel a strange sense of expectation. I’m going to believe it positive.

In the meantime, I’m going to join my sleeping husband in bed behind me.

Picture a Day updated finally!!

New photos posted in the photo journal. I’ll post one or two below a cut as well, for kicks. Included are photos from last night’s trip out to the middle of nowhere with our bikes and telescopes, as well as some photos from grocery shopping yesterday (exciting I know) and a short stop in a lovely little park after grocery shopping.

Also, I’m up to date with my Picture a Day Project, hooray for me! Go look, some of them are pretty fun.

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