More on the health front

I went to a new doctor this morning – my new GP I guess. Hopefully this one stays in one place and works out for me. He poked at me a whole lot and determined that they missed something at the ER – my lungs have a creakiness that they shouldn’t have. As such, off I go for X-rays (which I can’t get done until Friday.)

So yeah. I’m not too inactive. It isn’t because I don’t stretch before biking, I’ve made that a habit before I get on my bike every morning and afternoon. I didn’t hurt myself fencing. My breathing pain may well be simply because there’s something wrong with my lungs. What a concept!

I’m at work today, trying to relax as much as possible and not do any running around. I tried to walk a few blocks last night with Tara and it exhausted me. I’m feeling a little light-headed today, but I’d rather there be people around than me be at home alone and have another attack like Monday night.