My sleep was interrupted by discomfort from the lungs / back muscles / shoulder / whatever else is currently wrong with me. It must not be crazy-scary thoug, since if it was the X-ray techs would have called my doctor today and he would have called me. I just wish I didn’t have to wait until next week to find out if they found anything.

My brother & his girlfriend are moving out of my mom’s house tomorrow into their own place. I may go help them move (which, in my current condition, actually means watch them move, so I don’t know if I will really go since watching them do work while I’m all weak and crap would bother me. A lot.)

In other news, I haven’t yet taken a picture today. Being this low on energy really makes it a challenge. I’ll figure something out, however, as long as it doesn’t involve going up or down any stairs. I have just over half an hour left.

Adam and Dayle spent a half an hour playing. It was entertaining.


Went home from work early to get some rest. The X-rays were quick and painless. I likely won’t hear anything until mid next week.

I think I will now nap.

It’s hard to breathe

I’ve been highly exhausted yesterday and today. I have, however, slept relatively well, so I’m going to blame it on the limited inhaling I’ve been doing since last week. I think when you don’t get enough oxygen, you really start to get tired. That’s my theory anyhow.

Tomorrow morning bright and early I have x-rays scheduled. Honestly, I hope they find something, because this doesn’t feel like just back pain anymore. Yes, the muscle spasms on Monday night were back muscles, but I’m really starting to think that’s not the core problem.

I wish I had something more interesting to say, but I don’t. I’m feeling reasonably positive about things, I don’t expect this to be some kind of long-term problem that won’t go away (trust me, we’ve got enough of those already,) and hopefully they’ll figure it all out tomorrow and things will move forward from there.

Right at this moment, however, I am very, very bored. Adam’s watching TV. I don’t feel like it. Not sure what to do with myself. I guess I could try fixing Adam’s necklace. At least that would be something.

This katamari looks meme-ish.

Tagged by GrindBastard, so here it is.

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. Digitizer (makin’ mp3s)
2. Cheese packager
3. Office Administrator
4. Babysitter

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. LoTR trilogy
2. Labyrinth
3. The Princess Bride
4. City of Angels

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. Rick Mercer Report
2. The Family Guy
3. CSI
4. Futurama

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. Temagami
2. St. Pete’s Beach, Florida
3. Drive across Canada from Ontario to BC
4. Nova Scotia

Four websites you visit daily:
1. LJ Friends page
2. Gmail
3. Fark.com

Four of your favorite foods:
1. Butter Chicken
2. Thai red curry with chicken or beef
3. Cheese!
4. Steak

Four places you would rather be right now:
1. Still in bed
2. Getting the x-rays over with already
3. On Vacation somewhere
4. Definitely still in bed.

Four of your current favorite songs:
1. My Everything – Goldfinger
2. Bulletproof – Blue Rodeo
3. Green Day – Wake me up when September Ends
4. Some song I keep hearing on the radio that says something about it’s high time you find diamonds in this coalmine called me

Four friends I am tagging that I think will respond:
heh. I can’t do it. too early in the morning. You guys can figure it out for yourselves.

More on the health front

I went to a new doctor this morning – my new GP I guess. Hopefully this one stays in one place and works out for me. He poked at me a whole lot and determined that they missed something at the ER – my lungs have a creakiness that they shouldn’t have. As such, off I go for X-rays (which I can’t get done until Friday.)

So yeah. I’m not too inactive. It isn’t because I don’t stretch before biking, I’ve made that a habit before I get on my bike every morning and afternoon. I didn’t hurt myself fencing. My breathing pain may well be simply because there’s something wrong with my lungs. What a concept!

I’m at work today, trying to relax as much as possible and not do any running around. I tried to walk a few blocks last night with Tara and it exhausted me. I’m feeling a little light-headed today, but I’d rather there be people around than me be at home alone and have another attack like Monday night.

Trying to recover

Picture a Day updated for yesterday and today.

I’ve figured out that I can’t actually afford to go to physio (or any kind of massage therapy) until April 7th, Adam’s next payday. We’re down the wire (as we usually are at the end of the month) and my paycheque this week goes almost entirely to rent (the rest will be for food.) I guess between now and then I just try and take it easy and not do anything that might push me back over the edge into last night’s pain. I really don’t want to go through that again.

Tried a cold compress and decided that it really wasn’t helping – seemed to trigger more little spasms than anything else – so instead of that I ran a hot bath and lay in it for a while. That helped. I slept on and off for a good part of the day, and also watched the movie The Ice Harvest, which was rather film noire (at least the way I understand film noire to be, although I’m not at all knowledgeable in such things.) I enjoyed it, anyhow. Tara came by and kept me company while Adam went out to his staff meeting at the co-op. We attempted a short walk, a few blocks down the street. By the time we got back I was pretty winded and my shoulder was hurting a lot (it’s connected to the back pain.)

Tomorrow morning I’m going in to see a new doctor and hopefully get a written referral for physio and/or massage therapy. At least that way I can get the money back from Adam’s health coverage plan.

There really isn’t much else going on right now.

Adam has been fantastic through all of this. I’ve been telling him for ages that at some point things would turn around and he would have to take care of me, and he has certainly done that. I am so completely in love with that man. I can’t imagine two people more suited for each other than he and I.

Now I sleep. Hopefully. Assuming the couple next door doesn’t continue their nasty argument from last night that involved much smashing on doors, yelling through doors into the hallway, and generally being loud between the hours of 2 and 4 am. I mean seriously, if you can wake me up when I’m on morphine and gravol, then you have no respect at all for your neighbours. Fucktards.

And another evening spent at the friendly Lion’s Gate Hospital – for me this time

So I went to the walk-in clinic near my work this afternoon to find out about my shoulder and back pain and breathing troubles. He told me that my lifestyle isn’t active enough (biking to and from work, hiking on weekends, and working out at fencing twice a week is not enough activity? Dumbass.)

I figured that maybe going to fencing tonight would be all right, so I packed myself up at 7:30 and headed out for the 8:00 class. I arrived and did a few low-impact stretches and warm-ups, thinking that I’d know if it was too much. I didn’t do any of the more difficult stuff, like the running and push-ups and crunches and backwards push-ups and so on. After about twenty minutes of low impact stretching and such, I decided that it wasn’t going to work and I should go home. I started to pack up my stuff and was about to head out the door when the spasms kicked in.

For the next half-hour I was in agony, enough that they called an ambulance for me (I couldn’t get myself off the ground or the couch, and I could hardly breathe at all.) I remember at one point having so much trouble breathing that I started to panic – that panic that you get when you can’t breathe, when you’re not getting enough air. You feel it sometimes when you knock the wind out of yourself. It was that, only so much worse.

One of the instructors sat on the floor with me and helped me focus on breathing. It was the only thing I could do while we waited for the paramedics to arrive. The pain was nearly unbearable, but I still managed to bear it. For I don’t know how long, all I did was focus on him and breathe in through the nose (more like gasping) and then out through the mouth. If he hadn’t been there I may well have hyperventilated. As it was, I couldn’t think at all.

The paramedics arrived and were very nice. They took all my stats and said I didn’t have anything wrong in that sense, which was a relief. They then offered me laughing gas and brought up the big tin – I tried so hard to get some off the inhaler, but I just couldn’t breathe deeply enough to do it. I was sad, I really wanted the laughing gas.

I had handed someone my phone and told them how to call Adam (he’s my emergency dial, if you hold down the 5 it auto-calls him.) He was on his way to meet me at the school. The paramedics told me that they could take me to one of the hospitals in Vancouver, the closest of which were very busy and I’d probably end up waiting forever, or I could go with Adam back to the North Shore and go to Lion’s Gate. That made more sense, so off to Lion’s Gate we went.

The wait at the hospital emergency was the shortest we’ve had ever. Adam wheeled me in in a wheelchair, since I was in too much pain to walk or move or do anything but gasp, really. I had take some advil before the paramedics arrived, but it had yet to do anything.

I checked in with the Triage Nurse and we probably waited not much longer than an hour to get called out of the waiting room. We spent another hour in the treatment area, where the nurse took lots of info down and the doctor came by and examined me. He figured it was muscular, but took a urine sample for my kidneys just in case. Upon listening to my lungs, he told me they sounded fine.

The urine was fine, so no kidney problems. I got a prescription for Naprosyn (maybe?), Flexaril and Tylenol 3s, and he recommended physio. I should go back to my friendly physiotherapist down the street from when I wiped out last summer. He was nice.

Oh yeah, they gave me a shot of Morphine with Gravol, which is the only reason my back finally stopped spasming on me. I’m feeling a bit floaty and stoned. At least I am at home and I should be able to sleep tonight, unlike every other night this weekend.

I don’t think I’ll make it in to work tomorrow. But don’t worry, I got my Picture a Day on Adam’s cellphone camera! (Yes, I really am that obsessive.)



Didn’t sleep enough again last night, was in pain all night. Even the advil didn’t help. Might go to a walk-in clinic tonight after work. I felt a bit better after 6:30 this morning, which was when I finally managed to get some kind of restful sleep, but still. I don’t really get it – I did nothing physical to cause this, I just woke up on Friday morning and it kind of hurt to breathe too deeply across my chest.

Bleh. I have to get going now before I’m late for work.