The many jobs of JennyLee

Part the Second

I left off in 1996, at the age of 19, and job #6.

1997 (Summer) – Volunteer job with very occasional paid hours and free food and internet – I worked for a band manager who ran his business out of a home office. I created and sent out fax blasts, I sold cds off the side of the stage at shows, I set up mics for performances, and I generally did whatever was needed for no pay. It was good experience, and I got to spend a whole lot of time on the manager’s computer, thus feeding my internet & IRC addiction and giving me time to learn the basics of HTML so I could create my very first website. Plus I had all the peanut butter and jam sandwiches anyone could need, which was good since it was my only source of food at that point in my life. What I learned – HTML!

1997 (fall/winter) – 1998 (spring) – The Bay, Luggage Dept. – I moved to Toronto and got a job at the Queen & Yonge Bay store, based on the fact that I had worked for them previously and they wouldn’t have to invest as much training time in me. I did a whole lot better at this job than I had done at the Bay my first time around – I wasn’t terrified of people anymore. They had hired me on as Christmas part time staff, and within a few months they were giving me full time hours. They were, in fact, about to give me full time status just before I left. What I learned: A whole lot about luggage. Seriously. I know my luggage.

1998 (spring) – 2000 (spring) – Sales Associate, Long & McQuade Music Store – Where all good MIA graduates go to kill time before they make it big in the industry. Not that I was an actual graduate, but I didn’t tell them that. Either way, I worked at this store for just over a year, and I met a good group of guys who were all really nice, and very good guitar players. What I learned: How to tune a guitar, and how to play modes and Dust in the Wind on Guitar. It was the beginning of my learning of guitar.

2000 – early 2001 – Data Entry / Digitizer / Project Co-Ordinator, Music Music Music Inc. – I was data entry for about three weeks before they promoted me to digitizer (aka maker of MP3s) where I sat around all day ripping CDS and editing all the dead air out of the beginning and end of the songs. A few months later they promoted me to Project Co-ordinator, where I worked as a liason between our web team and a gigantic US Radio Conglomerate known as Citadel. We were creating web portal sites for them using an early CMS system, before web portals were cool and before CMS was even an acronym for what we were doing. Due to incredible amounts of bureaucracy, we often spent weeks at a time doing nothing. I quit because I couldn’t handle doing nothing, and my life was falling apart and I wanted time to sort it out. What I learned: I loathe doing nothing. I absolutely despise it. Enough that I will quit the best paying job I have ever had simply because I can’t stand it.

Summer 2000 – Writer, I was prolific for a while there, writing an article a week about gaming until I burnt out… both on writing and on gaming. What I learned: You can get paid to write!

And so we’ve gone another four years and a bit, and had another five jobs. But the fun doesn’t stop here! There’s still five years between then and now!