Picture a Day update

Today’s Picture a Day is up.

Biking home from work today only took about 25 minutes rather than half an hour. I’m getting there.

Today was a very slow, tired day for me. Sera kept me up half the night last night I think, so I was uber-tired all day today. I swear she’s picked up Dayle’s desire to ruin our lives. Dayle, on the other hand, has been good lately – for the first time in years. I’m not sure how to deal with it.

I may go to bed early tonight to make up for last night. At least the headache went away. I fell asleep folding laundry this evening, had to force myself up to even take the picture a day.

Our tv is fritzing out a bit, bleeding reds and sounding pretty bad. I imagine it will only get worse. Such is technology. The other day my monitor went all off-coloured and weird. I degaussed it, and for the first time I can remember, it actually did something besides get all wavy for a second. Once it was back to normal, it was actually back to normal.