Huffy (aka the unending money pit vehicle that will be our financial ruin)

So our car, Huffy, has had a lot of issues since we brought it here to BC from Ontario. Broken belts, tires needing replacement, alternator parts that have given up on life, an entire front-end facelift after getting smashed in by an indestructible echo, and more. Most recently, Huffy has decided to leak. Unfortunately for us (well, the whole thing’s unfortunate really,) we were unaware of said leak for probably around a month, because it is somewhere towards the rear of the car. After something like 59 days of rain out of 61, the entire well in the trunk of the wagon was full of water. There was mold growing on the carboard underneath the carpet, and the car was starting to smell wrong.

Yesterday morning since it wasn’t pouring rain we pulled everything out of the trunk and then hauled up the carpet and cardboard to discover this lake in our trunk.

Well that explains the extreme condensation problems we’ve been having. And the fact that anyone sitting in the passenger’s side back seat was getting a wet ass.

We’ve since emptied it out, but we don’t know where the hole is. We’ll be taking it in to get it looked at – you can’t live in a rainy climate and have a leaky vehicle. At least Huffy doesn’t smell as bad anymore, and the condensation problem is fixed. We’ll be all right until it rains again (today or tomorrow, I guess.) Either way, it’s going in to get looked at, and hopefully fixed for not too much.

We’ve sunk so much money into this car now since we got it that we couldn’t even recoup it if we sold the thing.

I should just get a second job.