Why do we have subject lines? I’m always at a loss… I like biking

Biking home from work was very rainy. It was easier yet again, though. Noticeably so, this time. That makes me very, very happy. Another week or two and biking might not even be difficult anymore. I can’t wait.

I’m terribly hungry now, however, and have no clue what to make for dinner. I guess pasta is about all we’ve got right now, and for some reason after biking for a half an hour in the pouring rain I don’t much feel like going back out in it to get anything else. And so pasta it is tonight. Maybe I’ll make a tomato cream sauce, that would be a little different, and a good post-biking meal.

Anyhow, I’m home now and snacky. I think I’ll snack on something then take a quick after-biking shower, then start making some dinner.

Biking is so good for me. If I bike tomorrow that’ll be three days this week that I’ve biked. Awesome. I am a biking goddess.

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