Scene It!

We went to a friend’s place around the corner this evening and played Scene It, where I discovered that I am terrible at watching movie scenes and actually remembering anything that happens.

The rain has returned with a vengeance today after it being reasonably nice all day. I even saw the sun and the top of Grouse mountain this morning, it was nice. Yesterday I saw a rainbow out my window at work, which was also nice.

The massage therapy I had last night was so rough that my back feels bruised today. That is how hard she had to work on the knots that are my shoulder blades. I am actually looking forward to going back… perhaps I am a masochist? Or just not human.

I did, however, walk to and from work today. It was a nice cool walk this morning, and it took me a little over half an hour (mostly downhill, some uphill climbs in the park.) I then walked home (through the park, after it had gotten perhaps a little bit to late to be walking around in a dark forest, but I liked it because I’m weird that way,) in the pouring rain uphill. It took about 45 minutes, I think. By the time I got home I was damp and my cardio rate was up. If I keep up with this biking/walking thing, I may well be in good shape again someday. I look forward to it. I also get a gym membership at work sometime, so if I’m really dedicated I could get myself into awesome shape. That might be nice, I’ve never been there before.

I took a few pictures this evening, but I haven’t looked at them. I may use one of them for my Picture a day. Or maybe I’ll take something in the next 18 minutes that I’ll use. We shall see.