Picture a Day and biking to work

Today’s Picture a Day is up, taken in our front hallway at 800 ISO, just for kicks. Also, I have little inspiration tonight – didn’t eat dinner until very late, which generally messes up my ability to think / move / not be cranky. It’s a self-portrait, and in it I can see my mother’s features.

I wanted to be outside today – it was a fantastic, sunny, clear day. It was nearly not dark on my bike ride home, too, which was amazingly good. It makes me feel better when it’s not already dark when I’m heading home.

The ride home was the tiniest bit easier today – still not even close to easy, that half-hour uphill climb, but I didn’t stop to regroup as often or for as long. I think it also helped that I had a hydration bladder in my backpack – not being properly hydrated on rides like that is painful and draining, and I took the bottle cage off my bike to put on Adam’s a while ago since I wasn’t using that bike. I may put the cage back onto the Wee Giant again. The hydration pack is complicated and I may not always be wearing one when commuting.

My back has been kind of sore this week, although I think it’s from my chair at work and not post-accident. As such, I acquired a back support for my chair at work, and all will be good.