Picture a Day

I’ve updated the Picture a Day once again. The past couple of nights I’ve been down to the wire and needing something to put online – last night’s is particularly dull, but then I was kind of drunk and stuff when I took it. Just wanted to make sure I had something, and the pictures of the ski hill at night were very blah since I didn’t use the zoom lens. I don’t have much ambition when I’m drnk.

Chris & Chantal are coming by and we’re going to head to Granville Island to walk around a bit. It should be fun. We’ll be meeting Adam once he’s off work. No specific plans otherwise though. Just trying to give my brother and his girlfriend a bit of the tourist/interesting places type experience so that they can get out of Pitt Meadows from time to time. Hopefully they like it… and Granville Island market is way nicer than Lonsdale Quay market for stuff like art and so on.

Yesterday on lunch I went to the Indigo book store with the intention of purchasing the Avenue Q soundtrack if they had it there. Sadly, they did not. My copy of the cd is toast, and I’ve wanted to buy it for a while, and I really want to spend money on something nice for myself the past few days because I’m just too stressed and blah lately. CDs are a good upper for me, and I haven’t really bought more than three in the past three years. That is just sad. I think I may allow myself to buy one per month or something, because I require more music in my life.

Speaking of music, I should really get back to playing guitar. I wanted to today, but since we’re going out that’s not going to happen. I also had planned to bring all of my guitar music books and the binders of songs I have printed from OLGA over the past eight years back from New Liskeard when we drove back, but we just didn’t have the room. I guess that has to be my next project – ship the rest of our stuff out so Adam’s parents don’t have it taking up space in the spare room anymore. I don’t even know how to do that from a distance – some of it is reasonably well packed, but if I remember right, a lot of the stuff could use some re-packing. Meh. I can’t think about it right now.