Can I get a do-over please?

I woke up this morning thinking that I would have to be in a better mood today than I was yesterday. It went pretty well, I was chipper when I headed in to work, I was friendly and cheerful with all my co-workers, and I was even nice to the people who continually call our 1-800 number instead of the 1-866 number that they should be calling to find out about their online gambling account.

I started to get the headache from hell a little after nine-thirty. I maintained a cheerful and outgoing attitude nonetheless.

Shortly after that, the adjuster from ICBC called and told me that the other person said the light was green and so it was 100% my fault because I was the one making the left turn, and so that means I was responsible for making that turn safely. The fact that she ran the red is irrelevent because she says she didn’t, and I say she did. My word against hers – I automatically lose.

Repercussions: we pay our deductible and our insurance goes up.

I sat at my desk and tried not to cry for about an hour. The headache intensified. I emailed Adam at work to give him the super-fantastic news, and he got really upset too and phoned me to find out any details. Shortly after that he left work to go for a walk, and then phoned me on his cell.

The headache got worse.

Adam went back to work and discovered that there is an appeal process. I will probably call them tomorrow and find out how I can do that, but I have very little hope, and it will cost more money if I don’t get the ruling changed. If I do get it changed, yay me, but seriously – I don’t have good luck these days.

After work I went to my appointment with a registered massage therapist, as prescribed by my doctor to try and deal with my evil headaches. The knots she found in my shoulder blades were beyond belief. She did as much as she could in the hour we had, but I’m going back next week to try and work on it some more. It also helped the headache a bit, but by the time I got home, the headache was back. Adam made dinner while I lay in bed in the dark willing myself to be pain-free.

I took some Aleve after I ate, but it hasn’t helped at all (nor did I think it would.) I’m going to just go to bed now. If the headache is gone in the morning I might bike. If it’s not, I will walk to work.

A part of me wants to be rid of the car. Who needs to explore your own home, when the world is conspiring against your ever having the time/money/health/energy/resources to do it anyway. I might as well get fat and lazy hiding in my apartment and get excited about going to the mall and watching TV and forget I ever wanted to do anything else.

I’m going to bed. Maybe tonight I won’t dream about endless cyclical paperwork that I keep having to fill out over and over again.

Oh yeah, the picture a day. I took one. It’ll go up tomorrow probably. Can’t be bothered right now, but at least it’s taken. Head is like death.