I’ve uploaded yesterday’s Picture a Day – didn’t do it last night because we had company over; Chris & Chantal and Tara came by and Adam made a fantastic mango chicken cashew stir-fry. It was uber-good.

I have resigned myself to the fact that, because I will not buy a cheap-ass computer that won’t last long enough, I will have to wait for said computer for a very long time. Hopefully by the end of summer I might be able to buy one, although all things considered I somewhat doubt it. You never know, though – things could change. I have to stop window shopping around, though, it’s getting painful. Now that I’m back on my own computer, having given Chris back his laptop that I was borrowing, I’m really feeling how painfully slow it is – even trying to edit photos through the network is brutal. Granted, that’s because I have a b-card and I’ve gotten used to a g-card, but whatever. Frustrating.

No wait, it’s not frustrating, it’s a lesson in patience.

God I hate phrases like that. So condescending.

I’m rather bitchy today.